Small group training at FitWomen is a fun, effective and affordable way to reach your fitness goals. Our trainers lead these groups focusing on individual strengths, goals and fitness levels of the participants. Group training is progressive and results driven, with each session lasting six weeks or 12 weeks, meeting one to two times a week. Sessions are $15 each and paid in full before the group begins.

Bootcamps: Challenge Yourself with this 6 week program
Bootcamps at FitWomen offer a high intensity circuit style workout to keep your heart pumping and your calories burning!  These are available for different fitness levels and incorporate specialized equipment such as TRX, kettlebells, medicine balls, battleropes, pull-up straps and more.                                         

1X per week: Mondays and Wednesdays 5:30PM  Beginning the week of Monday, February 24th

Saturdays at 8am—Beginning Saturday, March 1

NEW! Metabolic Conditioning

Let’s start this year off right with a small group training program that will change your metabolism while burning maximum calories in minimal time!  Creating an increased metabolism that lasts hours and even days
after exercise (the metabolic “ripple” effect). Metabolic conditioning is a rest based training method that involves periods of intense exertion followed by voluntary rest (you rest when you need to).  We measure your intensity level by a rate of perceived exertion and when you reach your threshold you rest. This type of training is weight based and meant for ALL fitness levels.

1-4 to guide intensity.

Metabolic Exertion Scale:

1. You are at rest and your muscles are not being exerted

2.You are at moderate exertion, you can still talk, and feel moderate muscle discomfort

3.You are at high intensity, you no longer want to talk, and/or your muscles are nearing failure or are burning

4.You are at extreme intensity, you have to stop or slow exercise, and/or your muscles have reached full mechanical and/or metabolic fatigue (a ME point).

How it Works

* Using full body exercises so clients burn maximum calories in minimum time

* Generating the correct intensity to release hormones for fat burning.

* Creating an increased metabolism that lasts hours and even days after exercise (the metabolic “ripple” effect)

* Adding fat burning “machinery” to the body so clients burn more calories at rest.

* Using exercises that develop enhanced body function and increased fitness

*Constantly changing the workout so the body never knows what’s coming

1x per week: Thursdays 5:30PM-Relaunching April 3rd


Small Group Training Participant Testimonials

“I’ve reached every goal I set since joining FitWomen 6 months ago. With the encouragement of incredible trainers and caring members, I’ve lost 40lbs and 4 inches. I could never have done it without the group fitness classes, the small group training, and the genuine support from a fabulous community of women. I feel healthy and strong, and FitWomen is why!”  – Linda R.

“I started small group training in October of 2012, and it has helped me transform myself immensely with my weight and health. With the consistent but ever changing workouts with our GURU Amy, who is tough, knowledgeable and an excellent fitness trainer, we are constantly motivated , I feel great after workouts and the results show. I have lost inches and feel much better health wise now. With these sessions in a small group, you are able to get the one on one attention from Amy who makes certain that you do the circuits properly.  You can also partner up and be the motivation for your “gym buddy”. – Bernadette

 ”Small Group Training is exactly what I need. You have the benefits of a personal trainer without the one to one cost and you’re motivated by the others in the group!” – Donna

“Just a few weeks in a Small Group Training class made a large impact on my whole life. Not only did I meet great new people who support and encourage each other, I felt myself grow stronger and more confident with each workout. Amy is a great trainer and makes each class new and different so you’re never bored. I look forward to going every week!” – Linda






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