Personal Training

FitWomen  is proud to offer a full set of personal training services, to help you achieve your personal fitness and health goals. Our trainers will help guide and encourage you to reach your personal best. If you have the right program and support in place, you can achieve a new level of fitness and embrace new habits to cultivate a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits of Personalized Training

A personal trainer will help you:

  • Create a game plan to achieve specific fitness goals
  • Stay motivated to work out
  • Exercise safely
  • Gain knowledge about fitness and sort out fact from fiction
  • Recover from injuries

Personal Training Rates

Half hour sessions are $40 per session and Hour sessions are $55 per session. Please email us at for more information.

We offer one-on-one training as well as partner training. Please stop by the member service for more information.

Ask our trainers about our referral program.

Pilates Training Rates

Private sessions – $55 for 55minutes session
Semi-privates – $30 per person for a 55 minute session (2 people must enroll for these sessions to be taught)
Workshop: Functional Fitness: Strength, Flexibility, and Balance
Workshop held at 11am-noon on Feb. 28th – $10 per person
Whether running your next marathon with ease or squatting on the floor to play with your grandchildren, Functional Fitness will focus on alignment and individual bodies for optimal strength and mobility. Through the elements of pilates,  this class will incorporate free weights, therobands and of course balancing!
Katie Aylward-Brady has eights years of experience teaching pilates and has a MFA in dance. In private sessions, she takes into account an individual’s body alignment and goals for a customized program. With Katie’s background, she is attentive to each person’s body mechanics while incorporating play.
Member Testimonial
“Katie uses many different tools to create the workout that targets my specific problem areas. Her customized plan for me and attention to correct form have helped me to drop one pant size in just 5 short weeks. I began to feel results almost immediately and saw results after the first two weeks. She provides instruction in a manner that makes sense and helps you maintain the proper form to achieve the best results. I am very glad I have the opportunity to work with her.”
(Age 51)”

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