While trying to lose weight so many women make the same mistakes. They are doing the wrong type of cardio, they arebest-fat-loss-diet-for-women-oceanside7-diet-solution-plan-1-425
 “dieting”, they aren’t held accountable and they don’t know how to properly strength train to get thier metabolism going. In addition, I have spoken to many women who cannot reach their goal weight through exercise alone. They have made small changes to their diet and the scale doesn’t budge. If this sounds familiar, our new 30 Day Metabolic Reset Fat Burning Program is for you.

You Receive:

Fat Loss Nutritional Meal Plan
Fat Burning Foods List
Daily Fitness Challenge
Weekly Metabolic Conditioning Small Group Training session run by experienced personal trainer
Initial and Final Assessment
Weekly Motivation

The value is $160. June’s special is $50. We offer a non-member option as well. To purchase this program click below. The first Metabolic Small Group starts Saturday, June 7th at 8am

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Metabolic Reset Fat Burning Program

















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